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How to feel tiny: Visit Monument Valley!

As explained in a previous post, we owe a huge debt of gratitude to the Navajo Nation for allowing us to explore their beautiful lands during the government shutdown. We saw things we may have never seen, and for that I’ll be eternally grateful. Fresh off the surprising beauty of Canyon de Chelly, which we’d honestly never heard … Continue reading »

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Native American Splendor in Canyon de Chelly

Sometimes the best-laid plans don’t pan out, but the new plan leads to something equally wonderful and unexpected. This happened when bad weather chased us into uncharted territory in New Zealand earlier this year, and again recently when the government shutdown led us into the welcoming arms of the Navajo Nation. And more specifically, into … Continue reading »

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Color Me Happy at the International Hot Air Balloon Festival

I have loved hot air balloons since I was a little girl. They used to fly over our house once a year and I remember watching in awe as they floated overhead. As a kid, they seemed magical. As an adult, they still are. Attending the International Hot Air Balloon Festival in Albuquerque has been … Continue reading »

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5 Travel Tips for Surviving the Government Shutdown

Been anxiously awaiting your big trip, only to realize the national parks you were going to visit are now shut down? This is the scenario that Jeff and I, and many other Americans, unwittingly found ourselves in. Admittedly, it sucks. But that doesn’t mean your trip can’t be fantastic! Here are 5 tips that Jeff … Continue reading »

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Impressions of New Mexico: A Teasing Glimpse

Jeff and I have never been to New Mexico before so we were itching to explore it.  We had planned to visit multiple national parks as we made our way along scenic back roads from Tucson, Arizona to Albuquerque, New Mexico. This was an excellent plan until the US government shut down, taking our national … Continue reading »

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