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New Zealand

Our Kiwi campervan experience

We spent 2 nights at Lake Wanaka, and more importantly, Sunshine did not move once during our stay. That alone makes this segment of our trip the most “Kiwi” we have experienced. For when you are campervaning, it’s easy to tell the transient tourists with their new, rental campervans from the Kiwi families who have … Continue reading »

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Gadabouts in the Southern Lakes district

After leaving Mackenzie country, we ping-ponged our way through the Southern Lakes district, as we tried to figure out where we wanted to be and also to find the good weather. We drove through the impressive Lindis Pass, and then through the wine and fruit country (stopping to get fresh cherries, mandarins, and kiwifruit) before … Continue reading »

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The solitude of Mackenzie country

We have just spent 3 glorious days in Mackenzie country, the district known for its glacial lakes and extensive sheep and cattle farming. The first 2 days were spent at Lake Tekapo, a small town whose main attraction is its phenomenal scenery. The last day was spent near Mount Cook and at Glentanner Station on … Continue reading »

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Let the campervan adventure begin!

After catching up with friends and ringing in the New Year with loved ones in Christchurch, Jeff and I then set off on our 10-day campervan adventure. Campervan holidays are big in New Zealand but I don’t think we realized how big until we saw the number of campervans on the road. Wow! We are … Continue reading »

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The evolution of Christchurch

Christchurch is the third largest city in New Zealand (population ~375K, behind Auckland [1.4 million] and Wellington [the capital, ~395K]) and the largest city in the South Island. She is known as the Garden City due to her many green spaces and beautiful gardens scattered throughout the city. The best word I can use to … Continue reading »

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