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First impressions of idyllic Anegada

Aside from visiting the Baths, our other goal on this trip was to visit Anegada.  I’ve been yearning to visit this idyllic island since our BVI trip last year. And not only did we want to see it, but we were scouting it out as next year’s vacation location. While the island itself welcomed us … Continue reading »

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Impressions of New Mexico: A Teasing Glimpse

Jeff and I have never been to New Mexico before so we were itching to explore it.  We had planned to visit multiple national parks as we made our way along scenic back roads from Tucson, Arizona to Albuquerque, New Mexico. This was an excellent plan until the US government shut down, taking our national … Continue reading »

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Creativity Thrives in Montreal

Montreal has left us with such a sense of creativity and colorful energy that we just had to write another post about it. The best examples of this creativity came from the most unexpected places… panhandlers, graffiti, subways, and rooftops. Let me explain. Because Cirque du Soleil was born in Montreal, we knew we had … Continue reading »

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Montreal: A City with Character

When we booked this trip, we expected Montreal to essentially be a European city on North American soil. We were wrong. What we found is a city that is uniquely Montreal.  Occupied by the French and British throughout their history, they have kept pieces of each culture and created their own identity. It has been … Continue reading »

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Our first impressions of Japan

Quiet. Polite. Helpful. …Elusive? These are our initial impressions after arriving in Osaka, Japan.  Please let me explain… With our first steps off the plane and into the Osaka airport, the quietness was noticeable. Christmas music was playing very softly (more on that in another post) and people spoke in hushed tones as we made … Continue reading »

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