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Snorkeling in the British Virgin Islands

Posted by on May 21, 2013

Jeff and I snorkeled as much as we could on our trip, including on Jost Van Dyke (White Bay, Little Jost Van Dyke, Eastern End, and Sandy Spit), Guana Island (Monkey Point), Diamond Cay, Virgin Gorda (the Baths), and Norman Island (the Caves, the Indians, and the Bight).

We aren’t snorkeling experts, so it’s hard to know how to compare these snorkeling holes appropriately. But through our novice eyes, the snorkeling was best at Norman Island (for the healthiest looking coral and environs; pictured to right) and the Baths (for the most interesting backdrop). Snorkeling on Jost Van Dyke was altogether different with White Bay having a bleached sandy floor amidst decayed coral, and the Eastern End being covered in sea grass due to its location near the shallow mangrove areas.

We saw similar types of fish and coral in each place, including squirrelfish, tangs, puffer fish, multiple types of parrotfish, tarpon, sea fans, brain coral, and sea urchins, as well as many other fish and coral that we still don’t know the name of. Additional highlights included: the spotted eagle ray, barracuda, a couple of sting rays, and 3 squid. We saw sea turtles from the boat, but never while snorkeling (bummer!). We also heard that there was a dolphin in White Bay who was playful and rubbing up to people. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to meet him…

Below are some mugshots of the characters we did get to meet. I hope you enjoy!

Bottom dweller of some sort

Picture 23 of 25

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